Roger Fenwick - Bush Fire Consultant
Telephone: 03 6283 3061 Mobile: 0411 609 906

Some Recommended Links

Mike Morris - Citisurv Pty Ltd, Surveying NSW (Contact address for Citisurv)

Mark Wapstra, Senior Scientist, flora & fauna assessment Tas (Contact address for Mark Wasptra)

Melissa Mass, Senior Ecologist, flora & fauna assessment NSW
mmass@southeastenvironmental (Contact address for Melissa Mass)

Ross Jackson Consulting Arborist NSW
jacksonsnatureworks@bigpond (Contact address for Ross Jackson)

Jason Bau, Geotechnical Engineers NSW

Tasmania Fire Service

Rural Fire Service

Aerial imagery
Tasmania LIST

NSW Six viewer (requires download available from the site)

World GoogleEarth (requires download available from the site)

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